Transform Your Home and Enhance Your Happiness 

Many seniors love their homes and want to stay in them as they grow older. Technology can help them achieve this goal by adapting to their changing needs and preferences. Technology for older adults, or AgeTech, is a booming industry. AARP predicts that it will double from $14 billion in 2020 to $29 billion in 2025. This means there will be more solutions available to make homes more comfortable and convenient for older adults. 

The Benefits of Aging in Place 

Aging in place is not only a personal preference, but also a smart decision. Here are some of the benefits of staying in your home as you get older. 

You can save money. Moving to a retirement home or assisted living facility can be costly. According to Genworth, the average monthly cost of a private room in a nursing home is $9,733, while a room in an assisted living facility is $5,350. Aging in place allows for flexibility with your overall budget by reducing expenses for transportation, food, and utilities. 

You can stay happy. Staying in your own home can make you happier. Research shows that as you age, staying in your familiar environment can lower the risks of mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, cognitive decline, and dementia. Remaining in your home allows you to maintain your social connections, hobbies, and interests, keeping you engaged and satisfied. It also helps you avoid the stress and loss of identity that often come with moving to a new place. Aging in place can help you maintain your sense of self, purpose, and well-being. 

How Technology Can Help You Age in Place 

Technology can be your ally in creating a home environment that meets your specific needs and preferences as you age. There are many options available that can make it easier, safer, and more enjoyable for you to stay in your home. Here are some examples of age-tech products and services that you can use. 

CarePredict is a wearable device that uses artificial intelligence and sensors to monitor your daily activities and well-being, such as eating, sleeping, walking, and bathing. It can detect subtle changes in your behavior and health and alert you and your caregivers to potential issues, such as falls, dehydration, malnutrition, or depression. It also has a voice-enabled feature that allows you to call your contacts or emergency services with a simple voice command. CarePredict can also track your location and vital signs, such as heart rate and blood oxygen levels. 

Vivint is a smart home company that provides various products and services to manage and secure your home. You can customize your smart home system with security cameras, doorbells, locks, sensors, alarms, and more. You can also monitor and control your system from anywhere using the app or voice control. Vivint has 24/7 professional monitoring and support for any alerts or emergencies. 

Ecobee Smart Thermostat is a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat that uses sensors and artificial intelligence to learn your temperature preferences and schedule and adjust your home’s temperature automatically. It also considers your home’s occupancy, weather, and energy efficiency. You can control it from anywhere using the Ecobee app or your voice. 

The Future of Technology for Aging in Place 

The fast-paced evolution of technology is transforming the way seniors can age in place, offering a plethora of innovative solutions designed to enhance their quality of life. With each new advancement, there is a sense of hope and excitement, as these technologies have the potential to empower older adults, enabling them to live independently and pursue their passions with renewed vigor. It’s truly inspiring to witness the positive impact of these advancements, as they pave the way for a future where aging is synonymous with freedom and opportunity. 

Amy Brandon

Amy Brandon

Amy delivers Marketing & Sales services for AgeTech companies.
With a deep background in designing and managing sales and marketing programs for clients in the health, aging, and pharma sectors, Amy brings an ideal skill set for helping our AgeTech clients maximize their business success. Amy is a licensed ombudsman and passionate advocate for delivery of quality, cost-effective and tech-enabled services to the aging community.