SAP Software Partner Marketing

With SAP continuing to  extend their market leading position in the global enterprise software sector, opportunities for SAP partners of all sizes have never been more exciting. SAP has the largest base of ERP users in the world, along with a proven history of delivering complete end-to-end application packages, designed to work seamlessly together.

Mix in SAP’s continuing innovation in areas such as digital transformation with S/4HANA, accelerating growth in cloud deployments, and integrating artificial intelligence throughout the SAP ecosystem, while continuously enhancing their market edge in finance, supply chain, human resources, and more. In essence the world relies on SAP software to empower businesses in every industry with technology that enables them to grow, compete, and thrive.

Resource Boxe is doing the same for SAP partners, with our own 15 year track record of enabling them to excel and thrive.

As an SAP partner, it is critical to stake out your unique position by understanding your key value proposition and then leveraging targeted marketing strategies for branding, lead-generation, and prospect nurturing.

You cannot afford to get lost in the crowd of partners who parrot the available SAP content and try to be all things to every prospect!

The Resource Boxe team has the knowledge of the SAP ecosystem, along with the digital marketing and storytelling skills to help you stand out from the crowd. We also have deep experience with lead-gen and sales automation tech stacks to make sure your end-to-end processes are yielding actionable results.

Every Month the Resource Boxe team is delivering tangible results for SAP Partners by:

  • Sending 30,000+ Targeted Emails
  • Processing thousands of net-new contacts into marketing leads with automated workflows
  • Writing dozens of thought leadership and product-focused blogs and other content pieces
  • Creating deeper content such as eBooks, webcasts, webinars, podcasts, customer stories, brochures, datasheets, and more
  • Managing social media engagement across multiple channels
  • Providing both strategic and tactical advice to always keep moving forward

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Our Mission

Enabling SAP Partners to establish and grow their brands and achieve business goals by creatively telling their stories to partners, end customers, investors and the SAP community at large.

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