Why do people love going out to eat? What keeps them coming back to their favorite spot time after time? Is it the smile of a favorite server who knows them by their name, welcoming them back? Is it the comfortable familiar favorite booth or the sizzling bacon and pancakes wafting on the air as soon as they walk through the door?

Of course, the food must be good, that is a no brainer. But whether your favorite spot is your local breakfast diner, a pizza parlor, or a sports tavern…. There is something more that connects you to that place. Friendly service, delicious food, and a lively atmosphere all work together to appeal to your senses and keep you coming back for more.

What if your restaurant has all those important components mentioned above but business is still not growing at the rate you desire? A restaurant’s success or failure centers around the customer’s whole experience, it is so much more than the food! How can you draw customers in, how can you reach a wider range of potential customers without paying for ads in paper mailers? The answer is you guessed it…social media!!

Love it or hate it, social media is the most effective way of reaching a wider clientele for your restaurant. Sharing your most irresistible and popular dishes on any platform, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will bring in new clients from farther reaches than any other advertising format. If it sounds complicated, out of your wheelhouse, or too time-consuming, that is where we come in.

ResourceBoxe uses advanced social media engagement tools to bring your business to the next level. You tell us about everything that makes your restaurant stand out from the rest and we post that news in all the places where your target audience hangs out online.

Want to spotlight a new chef? Have some new exciting dishes you would like to introduce? Running any exclusive deals or events? Want to reward your loyal customers? We create content that stops the scrolling and draws in those customers. We set up a calendar of posts highlighting important dates and events for your business. Let us take it off your plate.

Just like the aroma of your special creations can waft through the air and draw in customers who are nearby, we take your enticements to the next level online in order to draw in customers from near and far!

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Kate Reid
Kate Reid

Kate leads the AgeTech marketing focus area for Resource Boxe. With a Bachelor’s in Social Gerontology and a Master’s in Integrative Health, Kate has always had an interest in services available to our aging population. Her skills in technology marketing coupled with a passion for helping companies that serve the aging community provide a powerful combination for serving clients in the AgeTech sector.