Where we shine

Software Systems & Solutions

Helping software companies communicate their core messaging to key audiences is at the heart of our work. We successfully work with global software leaders like SAP and their value-added partners to tailor targeted campaigns that differentiate their brand offerings, generate new leads, and drive bottom and top- line results.

High Tech Hardware

We’ve been doing technology storytelling and content marketing for high-tech design and manufacturing companies for over 20 years. We not only know how to communicate with your target engineers and decision-makers; we also know where to find them online and how best to get your message in front of them.

Environmental Technologies

Technology marketing is a passion for us and so is the environment. Therefore, one of our major focus areas is on helping companies in the environmental and alternative energy sectors. Sometimes our clients in these sectors are actually creating new markets for their innovative offerings.  Whether you’re a raw startup or fast-growing disruptor company, we can help you find, create and influence your target markets to fulfill your strategic goals.

Health and Life Sciences

The health and life sciences sector not only directly touches all our lives; it’s also one of the most dynamic and fast changing industries, with new innovations constantly shifting landscapes and smashing old paradigms.  We’ve successfully helped many new companies stake their claims, communicate their core messages and establish new markets, using carefully designed campaigns that align with overall company business objectives and strategic goals.

Digital Economy Disruptive Businesses

Virtually every industry is already being transformed by the Digital Solutions Economy that is shifting away from one-off sales transactions and toward subscriptions, bundling and multi-faceted relationships.  Navigating this tumultuous new world requires a holistic approach to both designing your engagement models and tailoring your marketing campaigns for optimal alignment.  

Consumers, Hospitality and eCommerce

So, do you think only the biggest companies can afford quality marketing?  At Resource Boxe, we’re flipping the script by bringing high-end marketing services to neighborhood restaurants, service companies, non-profits and community sites. Whether you need web design, social media, direct email marketing, or help with strategies, we’ve got you covered.