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Creative ComplexityWe've been in B2B marketing for a long time, with experience on both sides of the agency/client relationship, and one thing we believe wholeheartedly is that there really is no one-size-fits-all answer to your marketing needs.


This is even more true as the pace of marketing opportunities, methods, tools and competition accelerates and proliferates.  You need marketing partners who not only are keeping ahead of the knowledge curve but who can also smoothly adapt to your specific marketing requirements and fit into your team.


That's why we've structured our engagement approach to always give you a range of choices, from "kick-start" to "collaborative" to "turnkey".  If you just need help getting a new program started, we're there for you.  If you need us to take full responsibility for a specific area, such as sales lead-gen or email marketing, we're there for you.  Or, if you need help with workload peaks such as launching new products or branding campaigns, we can come and go on a flexible as-required basis.




In effect, you can turn us on and off based on Your needs. 

But what really turns us on is doing great work and getting meaningful results!



 The Resourceboxe team



Jim Hunt, CEO & Founder


With over 20 years in technology marketing, Jim has written thousands of targeted pieces in a wide range of sectors, including electronics, semiconductors, software, medical, business services and more.  He is passionate about storytelling and is a tech-junkie who can't resist the lure of evangelizing new technologies and market solutions. Jim is also a pioneer and thought-leader in the use of online inbound tools and techniques to drive marketing ROI.


Location:  Splits time between Seattle and San Diego

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Pat scanlon, chief creative officer

Pat has extensive experience in digital business, advertising, media content production (traditional and digital), software development and entrepreneurial management. He combines a passion and talent for living on the cutting edge together with his exceptional leadership skills. Pat is a respected thought-leader in helping companies use technologies to drive their brands and optimize the ROI of their whole digital marketing efforts, working with a complete set of software-as-a-service, content and big data tools - while keeping budgets intact.


Location:  Gig Harbor, WA

Content Consultants, Creators, and Curators

Our extended networks of inbound marketing consultants, content creators and social media curators span a wide range of B2B sectors including software, SaaS, electronics, semiconductors, environmental technology and green-energy technologies.