Your LinkedIn Company Page is an important element in the overall Digital Marketing strategy for your business.

To deliver optimal results, it is a good idea to treat your entire LinkedIn company presence, both your company page and your employees’ activities, as a prime opportunity for engaging with prospective customers while extending and reinforcing your brand.

The good news is that it’s not rocket science. But it does take a commitment to focus on the basics of first creating your LinkedIn Company Page and then proactively incentivizing your employees to engage and repost your company content.

According to LinkedIn’s Employee Advocacy eBook, “While only 3% of employees share content about their company, those shares are responsible for driving a 30% increase in the total engagement a company sees.”

That is a huge multiplier effect! Consider what results you could achieve by getting 10 to 20 percent of your employees to share your company content with their networks!

LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices and Key Elements

  • Logo & Cover Image – Make sure that your page comes to life for visitors by adding your logo and an appealing cover image. Tailor the cover image to visually embody your key value offerings and/or market focus areas.
  • Overview Description – Make sure to highlight relevant terms and phrases that focus on your organization’s mission, purpose, and key offerings. Since you want LinkedIn members to easily find you in searches, include targeted keywords in your LinkedIn company page description, just as you would for SEO with your primary website.
  • Organization Info – Input your company website’s URL, along with your primary industry, location, and company size.
  • Call-to-Action Button – Customize your page’s call to action button to align with your value prop and use the page admin tools to track visitor analytics.

Post to Your Company Page on a Consistent Schedule

LinkedIn analytics show that companies posting weekly see twice the engagement as companies that post less frequently. A good practice that we’ve seen with clients is to shoot for a mix of sharing other’s content, such as industry analysts, pundits, partners, customers, etc., combined with your company’s posts on solutions, case studies, events, and so forth. A good target is around 50/50 mix. This keeps your page from being too “salesy” while showing that you are aware and engaged with external happenings in your market space.

Also, including images typically results in a 2x higher comment rate. Embedding short videos in your posts can grab even more attention, comments and shares. Just be sure to follow LinkedIn image guidelines so that you don’t end up with blurry results or images that have key info clipped out. With videos, keep them short and consider embedded captions, since the audio is typically muted as a default.

At Resource Boxe, we recommend using our automated social posting platform to keep up a consistent posting schedule for both your content and relevant third-party posts. These tools make it easy to find and schedule relevant content based on your target keywords. Scheduling out about six weeks on a rolling basis is a good practice for external content and leaves ample room for mixing in your own company posts in an agile fashion.

Engage Your Employees to Share Company Posts with Their LinkedIn Networks

As mentioned above, getting your employees engaged with sharing your company content is a vital aspect of taking your company’s LinkedIn presence to a higher level. According to LinkedIn, a company’s combined employee networks are at least ten times larger than the company page follower base. So getting employees to share is a major opportunity for expanding your reach.

Also, data shows that when your colleagues share a post, it is seen as three times more authentic! People tend to trust other people with whom they are already connected. This helps your re-shared posts rise above the clutter of advertising posts and self-serving content that people quickly scan through in their feeds.

Want to Learn More?

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Dipti Jadhav-Patil
Dipti Jadhav-Patil

Dipti is a master at leveraging a range of marketing tactics, such as social media, email marketing, digital content, web design and more, to help drive clients’ messaging into the key arenas where their target audiences can’t miss it. She has a strong track record of driving top line growth results.