High Tech Marketing

For nearly three decades, the Resource Boxe team has been one of the leading technology storytellers for all things high tech. We’ve run the gamut from semiconductors to electronics components and manufacturing to the end user systems and applications they enable.

We serve clients across a wide range of tech intensive industries and unfolding trends, including:

  • Automotive electronics – from the rise of electric vehicles to autonomous driving systems
  • Telecommunications – from chips to infrastructure
  • Electronic components – from semiconductors to interconnects, busbars and assembly equipment
  • Semiconductor manufacturing – from lithography systems, to assembly and test equipment
  • Design tools – from finite element modeling to CAD and engineering applications
  • Software – from ERP, to human resources, to subscription services, to SaaS, and everything in between

You name an industry sector or techology category, and it’s highly likely that Resource Boxe team members have created targeted content and promoted company stories there!

We’ve worked with multi-billion-dollar industry leaders down to raw start-ups disrupting established markets with radical new innovations.

We not only know how to communicate with your target engineers and decision-makers; we also know where to find them online and how to most effectively get your message in front of them.

If your company has a technology story to tell, Resource Boxe knows how and where to tell it!

  • Big or small projects.
  • One offs or ongoing Digital Marketing relationships. 
  • Options for deep technical whitepapers, case studies, blogs, newsletters, datasheets, webinars, websites or whatever the project requires.
  • We’ve got you covered.

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Our Mission

Enabling technology companies of all sizes and across all industries, to discover and refine their key value propositions to create compelling content, and promote it widely to their target audiences.

Managing digital marketing programs that drive measurable ROI and fuel business growth and profitability.

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