Let’s face it.  New waves of corporate downsizing are sweeping through most industries as the forces of high inflation and a slowing economy lead to tough choices for company management and the displacement of many workers.

Those of us who’ve been around a while have seen this phenomena before but it doesn’t make it a lot easier to take.

One thing to keep in mind during the restructuring process is the need to still plan ahead for coming out the other side without a total loss of momentum in your industry!

Too often, companies tend to wield the axe in a way that decimates whole functional areas, based on broad assumptions, rather than considering the real implications of rebuilding what has been eliminated.  For example, a company’s C-suite decision-makers might trim manufacturing and R&D by 10 or 15 percent, while making up the difference by slashing marketing to the bone.

OK, I am biased a bit toward marketing.  But at Resource Boxe, we know what it takes to build up marketing excellence from scratch and I recommend avoiding putting yourself in that difficult position.

Instead, we recommend that you consider outsourcing your digital marketing as a way to preserve and actually improve your overall marketing effectiveness during tough times.

Benefits of outsourced marketing:

  • Deep Experience – you get a seasoned team of experts who are up to date on the latest trends and technologies
  • Productivity – you only pay for the hours that produce results, without the overhead of meetings, training, etc.
  • Focus – outside consultants are driven by results and only work on the specific projects in your agreement
  • Objectivity – outside consultants inherently have a broader view than internal staff and can find it easier to speak up
  • Flexibility – when priorities change, as they always do, it’s a lot easier to switch tasks and/or eliminate projects when you’re working with outside consultants.
  • Accountability – under an outsourced Statement of Work, you have a solid agreement on deliverables, schedule, metrics and ROI, so you know what you’re paying for and see the tangible results from your investments.

At Resource Boxe, our flexible engagement models provide a variety of ways
for you to leverage outsourcing during these tough times and beyond.

We’re there when and where you need us and you only pay for what we do.

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Jim Hunt

Jim Hunt

Jim has executive level experience on both the client and agency sides, with deep skills in strategic business positioning along with creation of hundreds of targeted content pieces. There’s nothing he likes more than mapping out the intersection of new disruptive technologies and their optimal market positioning.