Ala Carte and Bundled Service Offerings

Engagement Models

We know that every client situation is different in terms of needs, budget and internal staff capabilities.  So to help you get a better picture of how we might work together, the sections below provide both an ala carte menu of offerings and some typical ongoing programs.  Of course, we’d love to chat and work together on crafting a custom tailored program that meets your specific goals and budget!

Ala Carte Offerings


Offering:DescriptionPrice RangeTimeframes
Long-Form Content (eBooks or Technology Whitepapers)Positioning piece for your core value proposition that addresses relevant industry trends, challenges and explains why the new approach is different and changes the industry landscape (typically 10-12 pages)$4000 to $5000 (Depending on availability of raw content)Typically 4 weeks
Articles for Publication (contributed to magazines, etc.)Research and write article to tell your value-prop or technology story – within the editorial parameters of the target publication, web outlet or conference.$2000 to $2500 (Depending on length and publication's parameters)Typically 3-4 weeks
Company Overview & Positioning PieceDefinition/refinement of your company message.Write, edit and finalize company positioning document (8-12 pages) and 1-page high-level summary piece.$4000 to $5000 (Depending on availability of raw content)Typically 4 weeks
Press ReleasesWrite and finalize press release on newsworthy topic, such as new product, service, partnership, facility, or other topic.
Post to free wire services and or paid services
$800 write and finalize release
$250 publish to wire services (plus any fees)
Typically 2-3 weeks
Blog postsBlog draft, review, publication on any topic, such as new products, industry trends, announcements, CEO/executive perspectives,$1500 (one off blog post)
$1000 each for commitment to six blog posts
Typically 2-3 weeks per blog post
Case StudiesTwo-three page customer success story providing context, challenges, solution, results, metrics and summary. Includes interviewing customer and internal Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), layout in Adobe InDesign, output as PDF, assuming 2-3 rounds of edits.
$2500 (one off)
$2000 each for commitment of four or more case studies
Typically 3-4 weeks each
Application Note Two-three page technical piece on specific product, solution or technology innovation focusing on why, what, how and results. Typically includes interview with SME, collection of raw materials (PPTs, etc.), independent research - draft layout in InDesign (including company branding) provided as PDF for review. Assumes 2-3 rounds of edits.$3000 (one off)
$2500 each for commitment of four or more app notes.
Typically 3-4 weeks each

Monthly Programs and Bundles


Offering:DescriptionPrice RangeTimeframes
Social Media ManagementSetup and manage social media accounts, LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Instagram, etc.
Post consistently based on selected tier
Typical content mix is 1/3 company’s content and 2/3 relevant industry/analysts/news content
•$150/mo for 2 posts per week
•$300/mo for 5 posts per week
•Multi-channel posting platform and analytics included in pricing
Typical start-up within 3 weeks
Requires 3-month commitment
SEO ManagementConduct comprehensive assessment and establish SEO baseline
Provide list of SEO-related optimizations for website
Track and analyze keywords with monthly reporting
$1000 assessment, baseline, and keyword list
Tracking 50 keywords $200/month
Tracking 100 keywords $300/month
Typical start-up in 3 weeks
Requires 6 -month commitment
Email Marketing ProgramSet-up email marketing platform, create branded templates, upload and segment contact lists and provide training for internal staff.

•$800 one-time set-up and training charge
•Plus, subscription cost of Constant Contact (Starting at $50/month for 1000 contacts)
•Monthly ResourceBoxe charges: $50/mo for coaching only, $500/mo for turnkey service to create and send 1 email per month
Typical start-up in 3 weeks
Requires six month commitment
Content Creation Plus Digital Marketing – Standard BundleTwo mid-size content pieces per month, such as case studies, App Notes, articles (2-3 pages each)
•Two blog posts, summarizing and linking to the content pieces
•Monthly outbound email to target list(s), promoting new content, (includes set up and list management in Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, or HubSpot)
•Social media management – weekly posts to LinkedIn, and other social accounts
•Plus, subscription cost of Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, or HubSpot
Optional add-ons:
• eBook (10-12 pages): $3000
•Webinar - concept, setup, promo, and presentation support: $2500
Typical start-up in 3 weeks
Requires six month commitment
Content Creation Plus Digital Marketing – Premium BundleEverything in Standard Bundle, plus
•Write/send second monthly outbound email (total of 2)
•Choice of either an eBook or a Webinar each month
•Set-up gated landing pages with forms for lead-gen using eBooks and/or videos from webinars
•Ghostwrite 2 monthly thought leadership blogs for CEO or another Executive
•Social media management increased to 3 posts per week
•Manage marketing automation workflows (requires HubSpot)
•Plus, subscription cost of HubSpot
Typical start-up in 3 weeks
Requires six month commitment
Automated Workflow ProgramSet up multiple HubSpot automated workflows for qualifying MQLs, nurturing leads, or engaging with potential leads•$6000 for 4 workflows
•$10,000 for 10 workflows
•Plus, subscription cost of HubSpot
Typically 2 months for 4 workflows and 3 months for 10 workflows