AgeTech Marketing

AgeTech, short for Aging Technology, refers to the intersection of technology and aging population needs. As the global population ages, there’s a growing demand for innovative solutions to address the challenges and enhance the quality of life for older adults. AgeTech encompasses a wide range of products and services designed to support aging individuals in various aspects of their lives, including healthcare, wellness, socialization, mobility, safety, and more.

The emerging leaders in AgeTech include both new disruptive startup companies and major initiatives within established multi-billion enterprises – focusing on key product and services categories, such as:

  • Home Care and Aging in Place Services
  • Health Monitoring Devices
  • Telehealth and Remote Care
  • Assistive Robotics
  • Smart Home Technology
  • Cognitive Health Solutions
  • Transportation and Mobility Solutions
  • Social Engagement Platforms
  • Financial Management Tools
  • End-of-Life Planning and Support

Our Commitment to the AgeTech Community

The Resource Boxe team’s mission to help companies in the AgeTech sector succeed is fueled by a combination of deep digital marketing skills, creative storytelling experience across a wide range of technology sectors, and knowledge of aging market trends.

Every action we take in the AgeTech sector, from choosing client partnerships to telling their stories, is also guided by our personal commitment to helping improve the available options for seniors to enjoy life, thrive, stay safe and live well.


If you share our vision and commitment to serving the growing needs of the aging community, we’d love talk about about how to effectively tell your story!


Our Vision

Our Mission

Enabling AgeTech companies to establish and grow their brands and achieve business goals by creatively telling their stories to their partners, end customers, investors and the aging community at large.

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